Our creations are the result of a complex process of research, development, innovation and experimentation, coordinated by expert professionals.

Our products are designed for our customers, designed to respond to their requirements. At the same time, we also make products under our own brand because we believe in their quality and would like to be known for the fresh taste of our creations.

Vis products capture all the taste and experience of our experts, who knowledgeably combine the best ingredients to create unique dishes with authentic flavours.

I prodotti Genepesca sono il frutto di raffinate selezioni di prodotti ittici autoctoni surgelati.

Years of experience have led us to improve and broaden our range to include the FoodSerVIS range. This is a broad range of snacks suitable for any occasion, designed to meet the needs of the food service industry.

A new taste journey through the flavors of the world. Vis is now offering its new ethnic dishes: flavors of far lands, rich in history and tradition.


We love mixing with new flavors, enhancing the natural scents and creating new combinations. As a partner of the main Fast Food chains, we offer a wide range of products to taste with pleasure.