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Different brands
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Breadcrumbed and battered ready meals, natural seafood, wellness-focused products and organic, gluten-free and vegan options. Explore all the VIS Company frozen food brands for various markets and to meet all dietary needs at any age.

Private label chefs

We’ve always produced items for third-party brands catering to mass retail and the food industry. A world of advanced products and services, including the option to create new products based on market demand, through continuous innovation and research.

We start with the raw materials

To offer the best, first you have to find it, on land and in the sea.

Vis Company offers a vast array of products, ranging from fish to meat, cheese to vegetables. Different raw materials, but all linked by high quality, thanks to our partnerships with certified suppliers.

Such delicious recipes!

So many different ideas for any time of day.

Breadcrumbs, batter, skin-on products, recipes and much more, ready to cook in the oven, frying pan, microwave or fryer. With VIS Company you’re putting the very best traditional food on your table.

with love

Salmon Club and Mammam’Ama, gluten-free specialists.

VIS Company also takes care of those who have food intolerances or specific dietary requirements. Coeliacs and wellness enthusiasts: welcome home.
Here there’s something for everyone, truly.

We are the VIS group

Italian passion, international vision.

We’re a structured group with over 40 years of experience, including with well-known companies and brands. From the heart of the Adriatic, an all-Italian business now moving towards international horizons.

Commitment to the future, now

Our journey towards a zero-impact production chain.

For us, sustainability is not an abstract concept, but a concrete daily commitment. From the energy powering our factories to our production cycle, right up to packaging, everything we do is aimed at reducing our environmental impact.

Stay tuned to our world

The frozen food sector is expanding strongly and constantly changing. Follow our blog to learn about the latest trends and stay up to date on all the VIS Company news.

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