Ours is a history of quality that goes back more than thirty years, a history made of passion and daily effort.

The company's value is created each day by the people that come into contact with our business, thanks to their professionalism, experience and dedication. The business was set up in the 1980's in the heart of the Adriatic by sea enthusiasts. Over the years the business grew, selecting new ingredients and exploring new horizons with battered and breaded vegetables and cheeses, nurturing the personal relationship with our customers on a daily basis. We have firmly established ourselves in the Italian marketplace and are now looking to go international.

The term 'relations' has a special meaning for us, a mix of authenticity and exclusivity that binds us to our customers and stakeholders.

We monitor every aspect of our company, paying close attention to every stage of the manufacturing cycle: from choosing suppliers to selecting and training staff, from managing daily activities to coordinating the organisational structure. We also dedicate our full attention to our partners. This is why we offer a wide range of customised services, created to respond rapidly to the needs of our customers. The flexibility of our organisational structure also applies to the logistics department, the pride of our company, which is equipped with the most modern storage systems. All stages of the manufacturing cycle are coordinated with high levels of professionalism in order to ensure the best level of service and to lighten the workload of our customers.

For us, quality is a guiding principle on which we base our daily effort in the pursuit of excellence.

Over the years we have extended our skills, increasing internal resources to include a new Research and Development laboratory that sits side by side with the quality laboratory. In this way we are able to ensure constant monitoring of both the product and the manufacturing process. This takes the form of continuous technological improvements and an ability to innovate. These qualities set us apart from the rest and allow us to respond more efficiently to the challenges that the globalised marketplace imposes on us. In the pursuit of excellence we have adopted a broader interpretation of the term "integrated management systems", viewing it as a shared and correlated collection of corporate processes. This integration allowed us to establish an organisational structure that brings added value to our General Corporate Management System.