We love experimenting, interpreting and combining refined flavours with natural and genuine ingredients. Our experience gives rise to new and unique dishes that are as fresh as our ideas.

The flexibility and coordination of our organisational structure allows us to give you prompt responses. We have been listening to your needs for over thirty years and can offer quick responses. Our mission is to serve large-scale retail dealers flexibly, offering all the quality and technology that our innovative system has to offer. We give attention to individual needs and offer customised services in order to respond effectively and efficiently.

We guarantee quality products thanks to refined processing techniques that include freezing and refrigeration processes carried out in modified atmospheres for food processing.


A refined freezing technique that allows the product to rapidly reach a temperature of -18°C, causing the formation of micro-crystals that avoid damaging the biological structure of the food. Keeping the temperature constantly below -18°C significantly slows down chemical and enzyme reactions, arresting the development of microbes, which is reduced to almost nil. In this way we are able to preserve the flavour and nutritional properties of the food, guaranteeing that the consumer receives an end product comparable to a fresh product.

Refrigeration in a modified atmosphere

This is a refrigeration method based on the natural respiratory processes of foods, which lowers the oxygen content and raise the carbon dioxide content when they are preserved in permeable containers. In this way the atmosphere does not undergo any artificial modification and immersing the products in water heated to 90°C allows the pack to adhere perfectly to the food, maintaining the vacuum.