From now on, we’re at the service of mums too.

From now on, we’re at the service of mums too.

With the acquisition of Mamma M'Ama, VIS expands its range to include the baby food sector. Because a high-quality diet - including frozen food - starts early.

Mums know that once you enter the magical world of motherhood you’re faced with a series of crucial decisions about your child’s development, and one of the most important of these is diet. Baby foods account for almost 30% of the market for baby products, with an annual volume of approximately 100 million euros*.
Homogenised, self-weaning, purées, organic, fresh, frozen… today’s mums (and dads) need to find their way among different approaches and solutions, attempting to combine the constant search for healthy food with the busy pace of modern life.

Finding the balance has never been easy, and in 2014 three mums had an idea and started Mamma M’Ama. With their startup producing frozen fresh organic baby foods for infants of 4 to 36 months, they gradually conquered a niche in the market.
Foods cooked the artisan way using only controlled, natural and seasonal ingredients from organic farms.
Once out of the freezer, Mamma M’Ama foods are heated in a water bath or microwave: in minutes, a complete, balanced meal that contains all the nutrition a child needs, unaltered.
In the baby food field too, the trend for organic products is constantly growing, and the combination with freezing is particularly effective, because the frozen product undergoes a less invasive heat treatment which preserves the aromas and flavours of the ingredients better than homogenisation and other widely available methods.

An idea like this, Italian and unique even on the international market, certainly caught our attention, and in January VIS Industrie Alimentari acquired 100% of Mamma M’Ama.
“We identified the brand as consistent with our vision of quality, service and innovation”, said our CEO, Alessandro Nardi-Dei.
The idea is to preserve the artisan character of the product, using the power of VIS to promote it to a much broader consumer base. From a niche brand to a business that can attract growing numbers of parents all over the world.

For VIS, the acquisition of Mamma M’Ama is a further expansion of our range and the consolidation of constant growth that’s in line with our values and vision: to increasingly become a landmark in the frozen foods sector.

*New Line market research, October 2019



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