All stages of the manufacturing process are subjected to continuous and rigorous controls that guarantee the quality of our products.

Our commitment arises from our passion for nature. We carefully monitor all stages of the manufacturing cycle, from fishing and selection of ingredients up to distribution of the finished product.

We put our experience in all stages of the process, from testing the waters in which the fish are caught to selecting vegetables and cheeses.

The fact that our products are made in Italy is a distinctive element of our productive chain and a source of pride for us.

The most valuable ingredients are selected to create genuine products.

Our core business is the careful processing of frozen and fresh products.

An important part of our commitment to quality is of course our attention to the end consumer and our utmost respect for the flavour of fresh products.

Certified quality and respect for the environment

Our commitment to guarantee quality-controlled products is acknowledged by international certifications. We believe that quality of life starts with the protection of the ecosystem. This is why we are very keen to respect environmental regulations. We put our innovation skills at the service of nature by using renewable energy sources in our manufacturing processes.


SGQ ISO 9001 certification is one of the highest standards for guaranteeing quality, sustainability and efficiency in manufacturing and management processes, staff administration and environmental protection. It also ensures greater attention to the customer and improved orientation of all functions towards the end result.


The BRC (British Retail Consortium) is a global standard specifically developed to guarantee the safety of food products. This certification guarantees the safety and quality of the food products that large-scale retail dealers offer to consumers.


The International Food Standard (IFS) is an international standard based on a shared assessment method designed to qualify and select suppliers of food products. This standard allows large-scale retail dealers to ensure the quality and safety of the products they sell and to monitor the quality of products bearing their seal.


Greener certification is awarded to companies that protect the environment and manufacture their products using renewable energy sources. This is an important choice in terms of responsibility, contributing to the creation of a new economic model based on environmental protection.