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The quality system

Obsessed with excellence

Offering consumers delicious, authentic products means beginning with a concept of quality and extending this to all parts of the production chain. Every stage of our process is subject to constant, rigorous checks. Our quest for maximum quality is shared and promoted at every level: from management to employees and all VIS Company suppliers.

The best ingredients -
really the best

Fish, meat, vegetables and cheeses. Our raw materials are the essential base of our quality control system. This is why we care about the seas where they’re fished, the fields where they’re harvested and the farms where they’re reared or produced. Our suppliers are all certified, and partners in our excellence.

We produce
only in Italy

Noale, Teramo and Treviso. All the VIS Company factories are located in Italy. A decision that runs counter to the sector’s business dynamics, but which allows us to closely supervise the entire chain, guaranteeing products that are 100% made in Italy.





Quinto di Treviso


A cold chain that's never broken

In our more than 40 years’ experience, we’ve fine-tuned our chilling techniques so we can reach -18° C in the shortest possible time, without damaging the biological structure of the food.
Freezing that can also be refrigeration at controlled atmosphere, when necessary.

Certified quality, the natural way

Our commitment to quality is not only an integral part of our company philosophy, but acknowledged by a number of international certifications. Essential guarantees for our client firms, consumers and the environment too. Because we believe that quality should begin every day by protecting the ecosystem.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification defines the criteria for creating a quality management system for company processes which improves effectiveness and efficiency in production and the delivery of services, in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

IFS Food

The International Food Standard certification aims to encourage excellent selection of food suppliers for large-scale distribution on the basis of their ability to provide safe, own-brand products which are compliant with contractual specifications and legal requirements.


The ASC mark is the main international certification scheme for sustainable aquaculture, open to all companies involved in this type of activity and conservation.

ICEA Organic

For several years Salmon Club has held BIO/organic certification by ICEA, a body that contributes to the sustainable development of organic farming through checks and certification of Italian companies against ethical and environmental standards.

BRC Food

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety was launched in 1998 to guarantee that branded products meet clearly-defined standards.


Greener certification is granted to companies that protect the environment and use renewable energy sources for production. It is a responsible choice to build a new economic model based on respect for the environment.


The Marine Stewardship Council is an organisation whose aim is to check adherence to environmentally sustainable fishing practices and award a blue MSC eco-label to companies which meet its criteria.

A commitment to the future, today

To us, sustainability is not just a nice word, it’s a concrete daily commitment. From the energy powering our factories to the production cycle right up to packaging, everything we do is aimed at reducing our environmental impact.