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Enclosed in a crispy batter or coated in golden breadcrumbs, VIS brand products offer all the authenticity of their raw materials with the addition of simple ingredients that enhance their flavours.

Battered and breadcrumbed products with unique, delicious recipes

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Two worlds, the same power

Production for third-party
manufacturers, our original business.

We’re the ideal partner for large retailers and food manufacturers seeking products with their brand. Our quality and experience, along with the private brand guarantee, will lead to products that can fully satisfy the expectations and tastes of customers.

VIS Company products:
excellence becomes a brand.

We’ve created several proprietary brands and dedicated product lines for large-scale retail and the restaurant sector, with a comprehensive range of frozen products, from snacks to appetisers, main courses to entire meals. Our strengths? Three facilities where we can control and manage the entire production process.

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